Action Learning Coach Training

bigstock-The-words-Hello-I-Am-An-Expert-36518137-e1445892735985-2LTA offers a number of programs to introduce to Action Learning and train members of your organization to be competent and effective Action Learning coaches. All of these programs can be delivered in-house.

Introduction to Action Learning – This is a half-day program that demonstrates the power and effectiveness of Action Learning for up to 25 participants. This program can be offered to provide a sample of the Action Learning process or to introduce an organization to a longer Action Learning program. 

Foundations of Action Learning – This 2-day program provides up to 15 participants with the foundational knowledge and experience to pursue more advanced Action Learning coaching training. This program is 25% content presentation and 75% participation as coach or team members in Action Learning problem-solving using real problems that are important, urgent, and complex. The program is sanctioned by the World Institute for Action Learning and the training staff are certified as Master Action Learning Coaches by the World Institute for Action Learning.

Certification for Action Learning Coaches– This is a 4 day program for up to 8 participants that provides the necessary skills and experience to be a competent Action Learning Coach and to set an effective Action Learning program with your organization. The bulk of the training is devoted to real-world practice of effective Action Learning methods and techniques and feedback from co-participants and the training staff. Graduates of this program are eligible to recognized by the World Institute for Action Learning as Certified Action Learning Coaches (CALC). Training staff for this program are certified as Master Action Learning Coaches by the World Institute for Action Learning.

Advanced Training for Action Learning Coaches – LTA provides advanced training programs for experienced Action Learning coaches who seek to become more expert in the science and craft of Action Learning. These programs are customized to needs of the organization

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