Action Learning in Canada

This morning, I had a conversation with Phil Cohen, who is heading up the World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) affiliate in Canada, about his programs for developing Action Learning (AL) capacity in Canada. If you are in Canada and looking for opportunities to become an AL coach or are interested in introducing AL to your organization, you should consider these events:

  • Lunch & Learn – August 19, 12:00-1:00, Toronto. Sept 19, 12:00-1:00, Windsor. These are informational seminars that introduce attendees to the power of AL and how it can be used to solve complex problems and develop leadership skills in real time. attendees will learn about the 6 components and 2 ground rules of AL and will discover how AL will assure the achievement of organizational goals.
  • Foundations of Action Learning – Oct 9 & 10, Toronto, Oct 24 & 25, Windsor. These programs are designed for those who are ready for a deeper understanding of AL, or are considering becoming a certified AL coach (CALC). This session covers the 6 components of AL and the 2 ground rules in detail. Participants will learn the concepts behind why and how AL works, as well as have the opportunity to experience AL as both participant and coach.

LTA fully supports Phil’s efforts to promote AL and develop the capacity for conducting successful AL programs in Canada. LTA is looking forward to collaborating with WIAL-Canada in providing continuing training for AL coaches in Canada.

Skip Leonard, PhD

Master Action Learning Coach

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