Creating an Action Learning System

Organizational leaders do not need to know how to coach action learning teams. But, leaders must know how to lead, plan, and manage complex action learning projects. That is, they must understand what goes into designing and operating action learning systems.

Leaders often authorize large action learning projects after they see and evaluate the value of an in-house pilot test where an action learning team develops a recommendation for a viable solution to a pressing, unprecedented, complex organizational problem. They see how flexible and adaptable action learning can be. They see how an action learning team enables team members to develop their leadership skills. Then, they can imagine where action learning teams can be deployed to yield maximum value to their organizations. They can imagine how action learning can add value in planning and initiating radical organizational change, augment large techno-structural organizational projects, and add depth and intensity to large-scale leadership development programs.

To mount a large, complex action learning project (three or more teams), organizational leaders must understand the interdependent elements of an infrastructure that they will oversee to assure that action learning projects have adequate and proper support. They must recognize that the larger the project the more complex the infrastructure must be.

You can learn the critical skills necessary for planning and managing Action Learning programs by attending a two-day workshop that I am leading October 23rd and 24th in Washington, DC aims to provide the knowledge needed to plan, implement, and manage large-scale Action Learning projects comprised of four or more teams. You can get registration details at the following link and can contact me at or 202.466.3921 if you have any questions about this exciting program.

Arthur Freedman, MBA, PhD
Master Action Learning Coach


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