Developing Leadership through Action Learning

solutionsWordleAction Learning’s Unique Effectiveness in Developing Leadership Capabilities

Although a primary objective of Action Learning is to develop innovative and effective solutions, learning at the individual, team, and organizational level is required to achieve these objectives. Action Learning is a highly effective method for developing leadership capabilities because achieving great solutions inevitably requires team members to think strategically and systemically as well as to lead and work cooperatively with other leaders, stakeholders, and organizational

contributors. Action Learning provides the opportunity and the requirement that team members learn how to be good leaders and followers in order for the team to be successful. Because Action Learning is so effective in developing leadership as well

as followership skills, it has been estimated that Action Learning is included in 60-70% of leadership development programs in global corporations.

Leadership Skills Best Developed by Action Learning

Action Learning is particularly well-suited for the following leadership development skills: critical and analytical thinking, creativity, systems thinking, fostering innovation, asking good questions, active listening, meeting customer needs & expectations, building realistic plans, working collaboratively, and adaptability.

Action Learning’s Ability to Provide Personalized Leadership Development

Action Learning is particularly effective in allowing team members to drive their own personal leadership development agenda. At the start of each Action Learning process, team members are asked to identify specific leadership skills they would like to develop during the problem-solving process. Participants can use results from personal development plans, 360-degree feedback, or a performance appraisal process to establish personal goals for developing leadership skills to created personalized leadership development goals.

Designing Custom Leadership Development Programs Including Action Learning

Action Learning can be used as a stand-alone development process or can be included in a larger suite of development methods including traditional modules focused on developing specific leadership skills, executive coaching, hi-fidelity organizational simulation (see specific practice information on this site), and 360-degree feedback surveys. LTA has extensive experience in developing customized leadership development experiences and will design or work with other organizations to embed Action Learning in a larger developmental process.

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