Great Solutions Through Action Learning

We are pleased to announce the “re-launching” of our consultancy as Learning Thru Action (LTA). LTA will be devoted to continual improvement in the science, art, and craft of action -based solutions for developing organizations, teams, and individuals. To this end, we provide advanced training for Action Learning coaches, Action Learning project managers, and clients of Action Learning. LTA will also provide expert Action Learning team coaches for organizations who are interested in solving critical, urgent, and strategic problems in their organization using Action Learning but are not big enough or do not conduct enough Action Learning to make it cost effective to training internal staff to conduct Action Learning.

LTA also brings decades of experience in developing leadership and organization development (OD) skills. Organizational leadership simulations (OLSs) provide an action-based developmental approach that nicely complements the ability of Action Learning to develop leadership. LTA also has considerable experience blending action-based methods such as Action Learning, OLSs, experiential training, 360-degree feedback, and executive coaching into comprehensive leadership development programs.

Finally, Action Learning and OLSs frequently open up many consultation opportunities which go unaddressed or uncaptured unless trainers and consultants have broader consultation skills. LTA provides consultation and in-house training for training and development professionals in organizations wishing to meet the broader consultation needs of their clients.

Our intention is that LTA blogs focus primarily on developments, as we see them, in the science, art, and craft of Action Learning and other action-based learning and development strategies. Yes, we will inform you of events about up-coming LTA events and products (books, articles, and courses) in our blogs. But our main focus will remain on the science, art, and craft of Action Learning and other action-based methods for learning and development.

Skip Leonard, PhD
Principal and Managing Director


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