Organizational Leadership Simulations

What are realistic organizational leadership simulations?

Effective organizational leadership simulations (OLSs) provide a realistic organizational environment which require participants to use leadership skills in order to be successful. While these simulations involve realistic technology (i.e., have websites, access financial databases, use email/texting/social media to communicate), these are not “computer simulations” where participants work alone to make decisions related to computer-based scenarios.

Program Descriptions and Format

In LTA’s OLSs, participants take on leadership roles in organizations at various levels depending on the level of the leadership training (i.e., front-line, mid-level management, executive). Each simulation involves at least 2 business units which normally have potentially conflicting goals but which must work cooperatively with each other in order to achieve larger organizational objectives. Program length varies with the typical program 2-day program (consecutive days or separated by several days or a week). Programs can be customized to emphasize competencies or skills that are of interest to the organization.

Leadership Competencies Developed

OLSs provide an approach for developing leadership skills which is very complementary to Action Learning. Action Learning develops leadership skills which emerge naturally in the process of solving a complex problem or that have been identified by the participant as a personal learning goal. Action Learning, however, is not well-suited for developing specific leadership skills of particular interest to the organization. One of the strengths of OLSs is that they can be designed specifically to require the skills that are needed by the organization. OLSs are particular effective at building leadership skills such as: making sound decisions; managing superior, peer, and subordinate relationships; coaching and developing others; managing execution; showing drive and initiative; building support; motivating others; and developing trust.

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