Our Approach


All Learning Thru Action (LTA) solutions are based upon these fundamental principles:

Great solutions require great learning!
Solutions to complex and difficult problems rarely come “ready-made.” Truly creative and innovative solutions require a methodology that places learning in front of the process.

People learn best through doing
Great learning requires action with consequences. Learning is greatly improved and accelerated when people work on real, critical, and urgent problems for which they feel responsible and accountable. As Reg Revans, the “father” of Action Learning noted – No learning without action and no action without learning!

Action improves retention and transfer of learning
A Confucian saying captures this universal truth – Tell me I’ll forget,;show me I’ll remember; involve me I’ll understand.

Attitudes of inquiry, openness, and tolerance for the views of others
Acknowledging what we don’t know, and engagement in the problem are requisites for understanding problems and developing creative and innovative solutions.

LTA will help your organization solve its most pressing problems by leveraging the power of learning to promote more creative and effective problem-solving, develop leadership capabilities and capacity, and foster the development of learning organizations.