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Why not subscribe to our blogs through RSS (real simple syndication)? Here are some options:

The Old Reader (theoldreader.com) – This site mimics an earlier (now extinct) Google Reader application. If you (like us) only have a few blogs or news feeds you’re interested in following and don’t want the complications (and eye weariness) of a more comprehensive site…this site is for you. Simply press “add a subscription” and enter the URL of our blog, http://www.learningthruaction.com/our-blogs, and you will get an automatic update whenever we publish a blog. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Feedly (Feedly.com)– Feedly gets very good reviews and is very flexible but we found that it was necessary to spend a considerable time consulting and review the the help function to set up Feedly. We also found that Feedly required a fair amount of “trial-and-error” to set up and was not particularly intuitive. It’s probably a generational thing, but we really get annoyed with interfaces that force us back into the stone-age when everything was trial-and-error.

NewsBlur (www.newsblur.com) – We have heard good things about this site but NewsBlur put on a hard sell for an annual $24 subscription fee. The way we see it, it isn’t real simple if it costs $24/yr.

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